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“I had never spoken about my issue to anyone before, but I felt the need to speak to someone as my situation was not getting better. I rang MYH and a sister took my call. At first I was scared but this sister made me feel at ease. She helped me so much. One key thing which she said to me was ‘to forgive’ myself which I have, Alhamdulillah. Just speaking to somebody who listened without judgment has opened up doors for me which will never be closed. I ask Allah (swt) to reward you all abundantly for your efforts and to have mercy upon you all and to support you in this worthy cause ameen. This helpline, I’ve used it only once and it’s saved me.”

MYH client

The scope of our support

We have helped Muslims all over the UK with faith and culturally sensitive support. When you reach out to us, our Helpline Team will support you with empathy, empowerment, and active listening.

We want to make sure that you receive the help you require. This means that we will help you reflect on your concerns, pose questions to further explore the problem, and empower you to create a plan or reach a conclusion to address your issue.

Although we give faith and culturally sensitive support, our Helpline Team is unable to provide religious advice or counselling. If you need assistance beyond our scope, we can signpost you to an organisation that is suited to your needs. Based on what you need, we will help connect you with one of our trusted partners.

If you are in immediate danger or at risk of harm, contact 999 for emergency services.