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Be Kind to Yourself

Posted on 20 May 2020

Try not to compare yourself to who you were prior to lockdown – a lot has happened in a short space of time and your mind and body are trying to adjust to the new way of life as best as they can. Things might take longer to get done; it might not always be possible to stick to your usual study/work routine; your body might look different – all of this is OK. You are doing the best you can with what limited resources are available, be kind to yourself.


We often ask people ‘How are you?’ but how often do we ask ourselves? Do it now and ask yourself if you are ok. If you’re struggling with sleep, if you find your moods are rapidly changing, if you have lost all motivation and interest in: university, work, socialising and taking care of yourself (eg showering), then it might be time to speak to someone. Maybe speak to a friend, a family member or give MYH a call.

It’s easy to get lost in time whilst isolating. The days can begin to feel like they’re blurring into one and you might struggle separating the weekdays from the weekend – but try not to over-work as this can lead to burn-out. Take time out for yourself to unwind. Treat yourself to a movie night or get lost in one of your favourite books – just ensure you take care of yourself.

We’ve all done things we regret, said things in anger and made the wrong choices from time to time, but making mistakes is an inevitable part of life and it allows us to learn and grow. So if you’ve been beating yourself up about something for a while, it might be time to address it. If it’s not something that can be addressed, then try to forgive yourself and allow yourself to look forward to new experiences and new challenges.

We interact with many different people throughout the day, even whilst isolating. Some are people that we know and love, and others might be strangers we meet online. However the person that you spend the most time with is yourself, so ensure that the people that you spend time with throughout the day are people that value you and treat you with kindness and respect.

P,ost first published by: Sara Wazifdar, ,,University College of Osteopathy