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How to Stay Healthy While Self Isolating

Posted on 22 March 2020

Self isolating is a tough experience for many of us. Here is how you can stay healthy and connected even in your own space.


  1. Stay in communication with friends and family via video-calling. Check in on people regularly. Maybe schedule a call with a different person each day at a certain time?
  2. Engage in self care: pick up a new hobby, read a book, watch a film, do a 1000 piece puzzle.
  3. Avoid burnout by keeping in line with routine.
  4. Have a designated space for work.
  5. Set aside a few minutes of your busy day to turn on apps like ‘Calm’ and allow yourself to recoup


  1. Try at home workouts accessible via YouTube: yoga, mindfulness, cardio, the possibilities are endless! Try the suggestions here.
  2. Eat well. Try making an elaborate meal with whatever ingredients you have at home.
  3. Stay hydrated. This is important every day, and particularly for your health at home.
  4. Access nature where possible. Try your balcony, the garden, or a short walk outside with appropriate social distancing.
  5. Ensure your home environment is well ventilated. Open those windows!


  1. Reconnect with the Qur’an. Maybe even start with a few verses, and discuss them with someone you know.
  2. Du’a might help you connect with your spirituality.
  3. Try a mindful prayer. Tips on how to do this are here.
  4. Try and find a good deed that you can do from home. Give to a charity if you can.
  5. Think of someone who needs connecting with, perhaps an elderly relative, and give them a call.