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Managing Anxiety in children

Posted on 30 March 2020

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) brings with it new challenges:

1. Working from home
2. Managing childcare due to school closures.

We are being saturated by the media on our phones, laptops and TVs as this
crisis plays out in real time on our doorstep.

Now more than ever, it is really important that we are mindful of what we say in front of
our children.

Do they really need to overhear the number of current deaths?

Being careful with our choice of words by avoiding words such as “lockdown”, “scary”,
“banned” or “shut-down” might be useful.

Listen to your children’s worries and concerns. They’re mini adults – let them voice their
thoughts. Reassure your children wherever possible – now is that time for extra hugs, kisses
and cuddles.

Speak to other parents about how they are managing anxiety with their children.

Signpost children to your local GP if you believe that their anxiety is beyond what you would
consider “normal” for them.

We’ve put together some mental health boosters to engage in with your children:

1. Ready, Set, Bake! 
Bake with your children and let them explore their creativity. Perhaps organise a
bake-off with other parents and share your pictures with each other via social media.

2. Go Organic!
Remind your kids of the beauty of mother nature – grow your own fruit and veg. The
next time you’re doing your weekly shop, pick up some seeds to sow and start growing!

3. Doodle Away
Art therapy positively boosts our mental health and our well-being. Order yourself a
‘stained glass’ colouring book from Amazon and get colouring with your kids – it’ll
brighten up their faces (and your home) seeing their work on display.

4. Feeling puzzled!
Remember that jigsaw that you started and never ended up finishing? Well, now
is the best time to bring it back out and get the family involved!

5. Chocolate Treasure Hunt!
Make sure that your home is well sanitised and set up your own chocolate egg hunt
around the home. With every egg leave a little task for them to do
to keep the egg (eg. do 5 star jumps etc.).