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Managing How We Respond to Media Updates

Posted on 30 March 2020

There’s extensive news coverage about the COVID-19 outbreak and it’s natural to want to
know as much as possible about the virus, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Our team have written some tips to help you find a healthy balance between staying up-to
date and going about your everyday life:

1. Stick to reliable sources for your information – they are more likely to be factual,
unbiased and updated by reliable and trusted sources:

2. Limit your news intake to ‘important’ updates such as the Prime Minister’s daily

3. Adjust the notifications settings on your news apps so that you’re only getting
‘breaking news’ notifications, rather than every COVID-19 update.

4. A,void reading the comment sections if you’re checking news apps or websites.

5. Mute notifications on group chats on platforms such as WhatsApp where multiple
updates or forwarded messages are shared on COVID-19.

6. Unfollow or mute friends and influencers on social media who post excessive
updates on COVID-19. Do the same for people that share unhelpful conspiracies
during an already stressful time.

Remember it’s ok to feel anxious or worried about what you read and hear about COVID-19,
however, the only way we can fight this is through cooperation, understanding and

We’re here to support you.