Maaria Mahmood


Professional background

Previously, I led project design and development across South Asia, the Middle East and Europe, developing cutting edge programs in frontier markets and challenging environments.

Role at MYH

As Director, I lead the organisation to operational and financial stability. I provide strategic leadership and direction to ensure the organisation can operate effectively following its charitable objectives.

Reasons for joining

MYH is unlike any organisation out there for young people. It protects pain points felt by young Muslims caused at the community level and the absence of appropriate care at the health delivery level. MYH is a response to these pains, and I want to be a part of the vision of delivering a safe space for all young people to get emotional support.

Change they’d like to see

I want to see young Muslims have many care options for their mental well-being, including at home, within community spaces, and at the service level. MYH is on a mission to support the young person, their family, the community, and beyond to understand appropriate mental health support.

Personal interests

I enjoy the great outdoors. If I’m not exploring, I’m reading or daydreaming about faraway lands, and if that doesn’t work, you can find me watching or listening to true crime.